Vocational guidance and assistance system for the employment of persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities within the framework of the international movement “Abilimpix”

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Human health and well-being largely depend on a sufficient standard of living, educational opportunities and participation in social and social life, and successful professional activities. It should be recognized that in the surrounding society it is in these areas of life that people with disabilities and disabilities are especially disadvantaged, but not neglected by society and the state.

Currently, in the Russian Federation, the State programme “Accessible Environment” is being implemented to support and assist persons with disabilities and disabilities, with the aim of creating legal, economic and institutional conditions conducive to the integration of persons with disabilities into society and improving their quality of life. The programme contains three subprogrammes that are effectively implemented in modern society, namely: (1) Ensuring the accessibility of priority facilities and services in priority areas of life of persons with disabilities and other mobile populations; (2) Improvement of the system of comprehensive rehabilitation and habilitation of persons with disabilities; (3) Improvement of the state system of medical and social expertise.

The organizers of the Abilimpix social movement were able to demonstrate to people with disabilities their individual capabilities and prospects for accessibility to all types, forms and means of obtaining knowledge and professional skills, their effective application in practice.

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About the authors

Tatyana N. Ananyeva

Russian State University of Tourism and Service

Author for correspondence.
Email: tnananieva@rguts.ru
Russian Federation, Moscow region, Cherkizovo

Galina I. Ilyukhina

Russian State University of Tourism and Service

Email: mosumo@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Moscow region, Cherkizovo

Yulia V. Sazonova

Novosibirsk State Technical University

Email: fumo43.00.00@mail.ru
Russian Federation, Novosibirsk


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