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Vol 22, No 3 (2019)

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Expertise and rehabilitation

Evaluation tools of current certification: control issues revealing theoretical training of a resident in the specialty «medical and social expertise and medical and social rehabilitation»

Puzin S.N., Chandirli S.A., Bogova O.T., Korshikova Y.I., Abol’ A.V., Shestakov D.Y.


For certification of students for compliance with the requirements of the professional educational program, funds of evaluation funds are created, which allow to evaluate knowledge, skills and mastered competencies. In addition, they should become an effective means of training and mastering the work program (module). The goal of the WCF is, first of all, to create conditions for the development of competencies among students for successful professional implementation. Control questions developed to identify the theoretical training of students allow you to evaluate basic knowledge, logic and other communication skills.

Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2019;22(3):136-162
pages 136-162 views

Certificate for the provision of technical means for the rehabilitation of disabled people and injured at work

Sevastianov M.A., Bozhkov I.A., Bondarev S.A., Vladimirova O.N., Ponomarenko G.N., Puzin S.N., Achkasov E.E., Soldatov V.Y.


The article presents the results of a medical-sociological study of behavior in 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation among the disabled and injured at work. In the course of the study, two groups of respondents were interviewed, randomly selected and comparable in terms of sex and age: 562 persons with disabilities with the cause of disability “common disease” and 442 injured at work. As a result of the questionnaire, information was obtained on the types of HRM received by respondents, problems arising in the process of providing HRM, the level of assistance needed by the respondent in choosing products and their suppliers, as well as assessing the main concerns of respondents associated with the introduction of a new mechanism for providing with the use of a certificate. It has been established that the contingent of industrial victims is more in need of technical means of rehabilitation that compensate for the limitations of the ability to move independently and work, in contrast to the disabled, among whom a significantly greater percentage of people need SMW to compensate for the impairment of the ability to self-service. The rankings of the main problems associated with the provision of TCP in both groups coincide. More than half of the respondents expect an improvement in the system of providing technical support in the event of an electronic certificate.

Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2019;22(3):163-167
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Situational tasks to the work program of the training discipline (module) «medical and social expertise and medical and social rehabilitation»

Puzin S.N., Chandirli S.A., Korshikova Y.I., Dmitrieva N.V., Paykov A.Y., Abol’ A.V., Khludeeva T.A.


In postgraduate vocational education, special importance is given to methods that activate the activities of the student. A significant help in solving this problem is the use of situational problems that require for their solution not only the application of the obtained theoretical knowledge, but also the demonstration of abilities for methodological thinking, the ability to analyze and justify the made choice.

Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2019;22(3):168-173
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Fund for evaluation funds formed as a result of interim certification of residents in the training discipline (module) «geriatrics»

Puzin S.N., Chandirli S.A., Bogova O.T., Potapov V.N., Khludeeva T.A., Aliev A.K.


The WCF of intermediate certification of students by discipline (module) is intended to assess the degree of compliance of the formed competencies among students with the requirements of the GEF WO. Intermediate certification is carried out in the form established by the curriculum of the program: offset, differentiated offset, exam, coursework, report.

Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2019;22(3):174-196
pages 174-196 views

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