Principles and criteria for detection of the persistence of disorders of functions of the organism in the practice of the medical and social expertise

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Actuality of the theme offered to the discussion in the real article is conditioned by the absence of legislative and normative documents through this question from one side and by a necessity every day to estimate the persistence of disorders offunctions of the organism in the execution of the medical and social examination, because it is a starting pointfor taking away of expert decision at detection of disability and establishment of the degree of loss ofprofessional ability to work due to industrial accidents and professional diseases. Authors offer the point of view on this issue in a hope on an active discussion with colleagues from a number practicing experts and holding positions which allow to go forward with legislative initiatives.

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About the authors

Aleksandr G. Goncharenko

The Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in the Altai Region

MD., PhD, Head-Chief Expert on Medical-Social Examination Barnaul, 656059, Russian Federation

E. I Akimov

The Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in the Altai Region

Barnaul, 656059, Russian Federation


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