Vol 14, No 4 (2011)


The rehabilitation of patients 3 having a stroke in polyclinic

Verbitskaya S.V., Parfenov V.A.


The article covers the topic of rehabilitation measures, which are performed in the polyclinic. Regular medical check-up and educational programs will increase the number of patients receiving regular therapy for preventive measures of repeat stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. It is significant to point an important rote of regular check-up, cognitive function evaluation and emotional condition of stroke patients.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):3-6
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The condition of rehabilitation care of patients with malignant tumors of vulva and means of its improvement

Korjevskaya E.V., Kuznetsov V.V., Payanidi Y.G.


There are some peculiarities of rehabilitation care among patients with vulva cancerous growth. Finding ways to solve this problem is still relevant
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):7-8
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The social rehabilitation of oncologic patients of younger age and preservation of their reproductive function

Jordania K.I., Payanidi Y.G., Korjevskaya E.V.


The main strategy of reproductive help to oncological patients before antitumor treatment is based on the thesis "Freezing everything that can be frozen. This strategy doesn‘t guaranty but gives hope. The main strategy of helping patients, who have already received antitumor treatment and didn’t use cryopreservation treatment, is the use of donor ovum, spermatozoon, embryos and surrogate mother.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):9-13
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The estimation of bone fractures risk as a mean to enhance the quality of curative rehabilitative measures applied to patients with rheumatoid joint inflammation

Podvorotova M.M., Dydykhina I.S., Gavva T.N., Maslova K.A., Nasonov E.L.


The study was implemented to determine the absolute risk of bone fractures in patients with rheumatoid arthritis using FRAX technique. The sample included 624 patients out of 834 women from National Rheumatoid Institute aged 40 years and older with diagnose of rheumatoid joint inflammation. All patients were tested with FRAX technique. The study revealed that 54,0% of patients had high or medium risk of bone fractures. The application of FRAX technique to evaluate the absolute risk of bone fracture occurrence in patients with rheumatoid arthritis permits to detect patients with higher risk of osteoporotic bone fractures and timely to recommend treatment, prevention and rehabilitation activities.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):13-17
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The expertise of risk of chronization of backache in males of able-bodied age

Vaulitcheva A.L.


The article discusses the actual issue of backache chronization. The method of expertise is proposed to evaluate the prospective of transformation of backache from acute in chronic form. This approach permits to apply primary stratification of patients with individual mild and high risk of backache persistence and to assess the outcome in the case of acute backache.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):17-19
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The analysis of primary disability due to extra pulmonary forms of tuberculosis in the Republic of Tatarstan in 2004-2008

Dukov V.V., Stepanov A.A., Iksanov K.V.


In the Republic of Tatatrstan, in 2004-2005, the share of patients with primary disability due to extra pulmonary tuberculosis consists 5.4% from all disabled tuberculosis patients. The tuberculous spondylitis dominates among other forms of extra pulmonary tuberculosis. The persons of retirement age prevail among the patients with primary tuberculosis disability. The patients with II group of disability consist more than 80% among primary disabled. The reason is in the late diagnostics and neurological complications.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):20-21
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The inherent heart valvular disease in adult population: epidemiology, working capacity and organization of medical care

Samorodskaya I.V., Abdulkasumova S.K.


The article analyzes the international data on epidemiology, working capacity and medical care organization in patients with inherent heart valvular disease. The organization of medical care is to be based on the team approach. The professional team has to include surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, laboratory assistants, social workers, financial consultants, psychologists, geneticists and specialists who can be considered as experts in inherent heart valvular disease in adult patients.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):22-24
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The comparative analysis of effectiveness of expertise of bone fractures risk using the conventional diagnostics methods and FRAX technique in various age groups

Malitchenko S.B., Shakhnis E.R., Maschenko E.A., Shibilova M.U.


The osteoporosis is one of the most widespread diseases of the muscular-skeletal system. Therefore, a complex of preventive measures will promote the support of working activity and the enhancement of life quality in elderly age. The study compared the efficiency of conventional osteoporosis diagnostics and FRAX technique in patients of different age groups. The results have shown that the FRAX mathematical model of evaluation of 10-year period bone fracture risk is not an effective diagnostic method as compared with conventional diagnostics. The FRAX clinical significance increases in patients aged 65 years and older with a lower BMD level and presence of 2 and more risk factors, which are considered by this diagnostic method.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):25-28
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The prognostic values of cardiac rhythm indicators variability in patients with ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus

Ametov A.S., Parnes E.Y., Pyanikh O.P.


The diabetic cardiomyopathy leads to the premature aging of myocardium, which loses its catecholamine compliance and sensitivity. This condition becomes health dangerous as far as the essential hypertension and coronary heart disease progress. The neuropathic denervation of heart, most of the time partial, impacts on the parasympathetic nervous system and deteriorate the heart functional system and can become a cause of sudden death. In patients with diabetes mellitus, such consequences as specific disturbances of lipid metabolism, triglyceridemia, potentiated chronic hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, essential hypertension, disturbance of coagulation are the issues to be discussed.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):28-31
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The post-menopausal symptom complex: The modern possibilities and stages of rehabilitation care

Malitchenko S.B., Shibilova M.U.


In the article the actuality of the issue of estrogen deficiency is proved. The epidemiological data on the prevalence of this syndrome and its complications as a cause of death and disability of patients is discussed. The pathogenetic mechanisms of development of these complications are revealed and the stages of rehabilitation care of these patients are presented.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):32-36
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The modern possibilities of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with variant forms of autoimmune diseases of liver

Burnevitch E.Z., Arion E.A., Aleksandrova E.A.


The patients with established autoimmune hepatitis having alkaline phosphatase or alkaline phosphatase/AST correlation increase more than 1,5 and whose conditions didn 7 improve after immunasuppressor treatment should undergo ERCP or MRT cholangiography to identify the primary sclerosing cholangitis or AM A and to verify the possible primary biliary cirrhosis. On the other side, a range of patients with PBC and PSC had a high activity of hepatic processes that can be caused by combined autoimmune hepatitis. A combined therapy of immunosuppressor and ursodeoxycholic acid can impact the disease prognosis.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):36-39
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The application of selective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications under implementation of rehabilitation measures to patients with osteoarthritis

Juravleva M.V., Doljnikova E.A., Tchernykh T.M.


The results of comparative analysis of two medications demonstrate high safety and good toleration during treatment with new selective NSAID Arthrosan in patients with osteoarthritis. The arthrosan farmacodynamic effects and safety concerning gastro adverse events are comparable with diclofenac therapy combined with proton pump inhibitor. The study results demonstrate that during treatment of osteoarthritis in patients without gastrointestinal tract pathology both diclofenac and arthrosan can be applied. In the case of gastrointestinal pathology the only choice is Arthrosan.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):40-42
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The improvement of quality of life of patients after radical surgeries on organs of pelvis minor

Matveyev V.B., Gridneva Y.V., Payanidi Y.G., Kisly N.D.


Nowadays, the issue of life quality improvement is an actual topic in patients with oncological pathology treatment. It was established that it is reasonable to discuss the issues of patients ’ rehabilitation after radical surgeries on small pelvis organs, which are often accompanied with changes in life-style and sexual function.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):43-45
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The depressions among the disabled: the aspects of clinic and pathogenesis

Kikta S.V., Drobijev M.Y., Vaulin S.V.


The establishment of clinically significant peculiarities of depression in 517 disabled patients (156 males and 361 females, aged 59.5 ± 12.1 years) is associated .with attenuation of such emotions and affects as joyless, lack of will, energy loss, indifference, unsociability. These peculiarities significantly correlate with the age of patients, the number of diseases and disease severity. The hypothesis has been suggested concerning the depression origin. The study data can be used for planning and performing the rehabilitation procedures and detecting the patients who need the antidepressants treatment.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):45-48
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The assessment of psycho-emotional status and quality of life in women with stress cephalalgia

Derevyanko K.P., Yenikeyev D.A., Idrisova L.T.


The article discusses the issues of life quality, anxiety and depression among 130 women of reproductive age with stress cephalalgia. The MOS SF-36 (Medical Outcomes Study Short-Form 36) questionnaire has been used in the study, translated and validated by the company "Evidence - clinical pharmacological studies" and the Institute of clinical pharmacological studies (USA-St. Petersburg) and the Spielberg anxiety scale and the Beck depression questionnaire as well. The results demonstrated in patients’ considerable decrease in quality of life, namely the psychological and physical components and low and slight anxiety and slight depression. The study data can be applied in elaboration of individual and group approach in patients’ management.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):49-51
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The forensic medical expertise of health hazard

Klevno V.A., Puzin S.N.


The forensic medical expertise concerning the live persons Is the most widespread case in the expertise practice. The expertises of health hazards degree consist 97.7% of all expertises. The article covers the issues of decision making and law regulation of this procedure.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):51-53
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The aspects of international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF) in estimation of social inadequacy

Iksanov K.V., Stepanov A.A.


In the near future the medical social expertise is expected to be performed in accordance with the International classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF). The application of ICF is intended to make changes and supplements to rehabilitation individual programs. To develop the recommendations according to ICF, it is necessary to change medical social expertise methodology and guidelines of disability diagnose according to ICF in compliance with the context factors and parameters of condition aspects.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2011;14(4):53-56
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