Vol 17, No 2 (2014)


From gerontology to anti-aging medicine

Lebedev A.A., Puzin S.N., Potapov V.N., Shurgaya M.A.


The article discusses current issues in geriatrics and clinical Gerontology, anti-aging medicine, increasing life expectancy, health, elderly, considers the main objectives of modern medicine and long-term objectives anti-aging medicine, discusses the role of the state program "Active Aging with high quality of life."
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):4-6
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Therapeutic and deontological aspects of ischemic stroke patients’ rehabilitation

Arabidze G.G., Kudentsova S.N., Kudentsova E.A.


A progressive increase in rate of ischemic strokes in Russia and an insufficient rehabilitation help in the regions situated a long distance from megalopolises urgently raise the question ofmedical and rehabilitation measures connected with therapeutic and psychological support ofpatients. The article is intended for doctors, social workers and the people looking after the patients who have had a stroke.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):6-10
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Character Features of patients with congenital heart diseases and its role in estimation of limitations of vital functions

Drozdova I.V., Matsuga O.N., Suganyak K.A., Demchenko M.V.


Character features of patients with congenital heart diseases in a remote period after operative interventions were studied. The most significant psychological indicators for the assessment of patients ’ conditions were distinguished. The conclusion has been made about maladaptive personality formation in these individuals, which greatly limits their ability to live and will prevent the implementation of rehabilitation programs for this group ofpatients.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):10-17
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Severity assessment of the disability in patients with critical limb ischemia in atherosclerotic lesions of major arteries in the remote period after alternative conservative therapy

Nepomnyashchaya O.V., Ivchenko O.A.


The following article has been dedicated to the assessment of the disability severity after medical therapy in patients with chronic limb ischemia due to vascular disease. Generally, in clinical practice score calculation of the disability severity according to the formula will assess the effectiveness of the treatments used in patients with critical lower extremities ischemia of atherosclerotic origin.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):17-20
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Analysis of primary disability due to cerebrovascular diseases in the Russian federation, central federal district and the city of Moscow

Petrosyan K.M.


The primary disability rates due to cerebrovascular diseases for a 5-year period was compared with the prevalence and severity of disability in the Russian Federation, the Central Federal District, the city of Moscow.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):21-23
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Analysis of disability due to HIV-infection and tuberculosis in the Volgograd region in 2009-2011

Bykhalov L.S., Gichkun L.P., Derevyanchenko L.V., Litvinova M.V., Kaluzhenina N.I., Korobkin V.V., Prostyakov V.M., Eliseeva O.G., Tarasova E.S.


The rates of disability in HIV-infection and tuberculosis in the Volgograd region were studied. The structure of disability in coinfection of HIV/tuberculosis in dynamics was investigated; medico-social parameters that can be used for disability forecasting purposes and rehabilitation process were characterized.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):23-26
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Major results related to prior disability caused by digestive diseases among adult population of the Russian federation from 2000 to 2012

Dmitrieva T.V., Dmitriev V.N.


Prior disability caused by digestive diseases has been studied with consideration of age, disability grade and occurrence among adult population of the Russian Federation from 2000 to 2012. In general, the level of prior disability caused by digestive diseases decreased by 27.5% for the 13-year period; the overall number ofpeople qualified for the first time as persons with disabilities caused by this pathology increased by 11.1% in comparison with the initial figures. Such cohort mostly includes employable population with disability of 2nd and 3rd grades; prior disability becomes more severe with age. A positive trend related to prior disability manifests as decreasing ratio ofpersons with disability of the 1st and 2nd grades.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):27-29
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Approaches to the analysis of disability dynamics due to blood circulation system illnesses in Ukraine

Ipatov A.V., Drozdova I.V., Khanykova I.J., Matsuga O.N., Sidorova M.G.


The statistical data analysis of morbidity, prevalence and disability as a result of the blood circulation system illnesses for 2003-2012 years is presented. It is indicated on the necessity of the new methodological approach development for the analysis of morbidity, prevalence and disability of adult and capable of working population of Ukraine, which would allow not only to estimate the percent of changes of these indexes in relation to the last year, relative risk of their increase, but also to forecast the possible tendencies of their changes on short or longer period, which will give possibility to develop purposeful measures for prevention of their increase in future.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):30-34
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The methods of communication optimization between nurses and disabled in the bureau of medico-social examination

Jakovleva S.I., Bugaeva O.P., Dashina M.G., Kochetkova E.P., Akimov E.I.


The following article aims to improve performance and accountability of nurses in the provision ofpublic services of medical and social expertise in the institution for the medical and social expertise. An emphasis on the ethical and deontological rules of interaction with patients (disabled) and their accompanying persons is made. The value of nurses ’ communicative competence in the provision of public services is determined (skills professional communication). The difficulties encountered in the course ofprofessional dialogue between nurses and patients in the offices of general, specialized and expert profile of the Main Office were analysed. The ways to build professional communication of nurses were recommended. An algorithm that promotes optimization, increase the productivity and comfort of professional interaction was advised. The necessity of using professional knowledge and skills for the prevention and resolution of conflicts was justified.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):35-38
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Economic cost of disability and rehabilitation of people, injured in occupational accidents

Korobov M.V., Karasayeva L.A., Sibogatulina N.Y., Dedeneva I.V.


Disability, medico-social examination and rehabilitation of victims owing to occupational accidents cause dynamics of large-scale economic expenses from the state The article considers social and economic characteristics of the medico-social help and rehabilitation of victims owing to traumatism.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):39-41
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Rehabilitation methods of reproductive function in women with tubal-peritoneal infertility

Abashidze A.A.


The most modern methods of reproductive function rehabilitation in patients with tubal-peritoneal infertility are operative interventions on the organs of small pelvis and assisted reproductive technologies. The effectiveness of operations with tubal-peritoneal infertility vary widely - from 10 to 80%. The main goal of working with infertile couples is fast solve the problem. An open question remains, what methods to include in the gold standard of inspection, because every method possesses the advantage and disadvantages about what you shouldn’t forget at their use in infertility couples. The advantages of indirect methods of research are the simplicity and low cost, but they are insufficiently informative. Endoscopic methods are absolutely informative, however in view of the aggression and high cost are used generally at final stages of maintaining patients with infertility. There are various opinions supporting or rejecting this or that method.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):42-46
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The dynamics of life quality indicators in the rehabilitation of patients with spondylogenic pelvio membrane - pain syndrome

Sokov E.L., Kornilova L.E., Yakovlev M.V.


62 patients with spondylogenic pelvio - membrane pain syndromes were examined. A course of intraosseous blockades was included in the standard medical rehabilitation program of 31 patients of the main group, 31 patients in the control group received a standard course of treatment. Treatment efficacy was assessed by changes ofparameters according to daily activity questionnaire Ostveri, indicators of life quality (QoL), life expectancy, correlated with its quality QALY. Revealed higher efficiency of the rehabilitation program using the intraosseous blockades and improved quality of life compared with standard treatment.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):47-49
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Medical and social problems of opthalmo prothesis

Razumovsky M.I., Kozhushko L.A., Rasumovskaja A.M., Gordievskaya E.O., Kuzmina I.E.


Eye removal is a heavy moral and psychological trauma for patients and significantly reduces their quality of life. The leading method of rehabilitation ofsuch patients is the eye prosthesis. The main objective of opthalmo prothesis is to adapt patients with who lost an eye to the new conditions of life and work. Study of medical and social consequences which arise after opthalmo prothesis, will contribute to improving medical and social rehabilitation of these patients and the disabled.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):50-53
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The problem of expert evaluation of speech disorders in children of early and preschool age during the medical-social expertise

Dashina M.G., Akopjan T.A., Pavlov G.A., Kochetkova E.P., Timoshnikova N.N., Maletin S.I.


The subject of this work is to analyze the main problems of expert diagnosis in infants and preschool age (from 1 to 6 years) with speech disorders undergoing examination to determine the category of " child with a disability " in the medico - social examination of paediatric, psychiatric and mixed profile. Modern concepts of the speech pathology development in children are shown. Features we use in expert work Criteria and methods for evaluation of disorders of language and speech functions in this category ofpatients, which are used in expert work, are presented. The article points out the importance of studying the state of cognitive- game activity in infants and preschool children with difficulties in the differential diagnosis of speech pathology and expert evaluation of the existing language violations and speech functions. There are some techniques intended for diagnosis of mental functions and speech in children. The difficulties in the course of clinical psychologist professional activities during psychodiagnosis of young children in Bureau of the MSE were marked.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2014;17(2):54-56
pages 54-56 views

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