Vol 16, No 4 (2013)


From the multi-agency approach to palliative care of elderly and senile patients to the National Plan of "Healthy aging”

Lebedev A.A., Arkhipov I.V., Puzin S.N., Shurgaya M.A., Chandirly S.A., Ogay D.S., Bogova O.T., Potapov V.N.


The article deals with the organization of palliative care in elderly and senile patients in geriatric institutions based on interagency cooperation subjects of health and social protection of the population. Also, the reader is invited to refer to the concept of "healthy aging” and the prospects for development and implementation of a national plan as the form of the new health and social policy of the Russian Federation.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):4-7
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Features of medico-social assessment and rehabilitation of children with disabilities in the Republic of Khakassia in view of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

Strukova O.G., Tushayte S.A.


This article provides experimental evidence for examination of citizens of the republic under the age of 18 years as part of a pilot project in accordance with the representative sample. A comparative analysis is submitted and results of the current classification, developed with the ICF and quantitative assessment scores.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):8-9
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Cardiac remodeling associated with ischemic heart disease in patients with a history of previous sports activities

Achkasov E.E., Mashkovskiy E.V., Bogova O.T., Puzin S.N., Sultanova O.A.


This article analyses the treatment of ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris class II-III) in 64 patients aged 55-70 years. During 6 months, all patients were provided standard treatment, according to national guidelines. They were divided into two groups of 32 patients each, based on weather they had a history of previous sports activities (group I) or not (group II). The course of the disease and echocardiography data were investigated. It was shown that the disease has a favorable course in patients with a history of previous sports activities.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):10-14
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Medical and social aspects of disability among prematurely born children

Nekrasova N.V., Fedyanina Y.A., Plotnikova O.A.


The study of the health problems among children with extremely low body weight has become urgent in recent years. The article presents the study results of gestation course and childbirth, as well as somatic and psychomotor development of prematurely born children with the diagnosed disability. It was established that the group of risk in relation to disability were the children with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy born in the gestation рeriod of 26-29 weeks, having evident and considerably evident statodynamic and mental dysfunctions which led to limitations of life activity in consideration with the categories of movement and self-service of II-III degrees, education, orientation, communication of II degree.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):15-17
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Dinamic trends and region features of disability in the arkhangelsk region as leading parameter of public health

Varakina Z.L., Arapova L.A., Vyaz'min A.M., Sannikov A.L.


The analysis of primary disability in the Arkhangelsk region for the period 2000-2011 according to the age categories, causes, and territories was conducted. Frequency of primary disability in the region is lower by 1.2 times on average of the all-Russian indicator but is comparable to other regions of North-West Federal district. Primary disability rate in the Arkhangelsk region for the period under study has trend to decrease with peak in 2005 due to increasing of primary citizen's examinations. Primary disability among more than one third of patients is identified at working age. Leading causes of disability are cardiovascular diseases, cancer and accidents. Primary disability rate among rural population exceeds the urban rate by 2 times in overall.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):18-20
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The comparative analysis of primary disability owing to tuberculosis of city and rural settlements with dynamics forecast in the Orenburg region

Bayanova N.A., Gavrilov A.V., Raskhozhev A.V.


The results of comparative analysis of primary disability owing to tuberculosis among adult population of city and rural settlements of the Orenburg region and also trends of compared dynamic ranks
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):21-24
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Analysis of the main disability indicators in young adults in the Ulyanovsk region in dynamics for the years 2007-2011

Solov'yova N.N.


The Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise in the Ulyanovsk region, 432017, Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation The paper analyzes the level of primary, repetitive and general disability in young adults (18-44 years) in the Ulyanovsk region and the Russian Federation, the peculiarities of the disability dynamics.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):24-26
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Analysis of primary and secondary disability from cardiovascular diseases in adult population of Kemerovo region 2007-2010

Kondrikova N.V., Pomeshkina S.A., Barbarash O.L.


The paper contains data on the indicators of primary and repeated disability due to cardiovascular diseases in the Kemerovo region in comparison with the indicators of the Siberian Federal District, and the Russian Federation for the period 2007 to 2010. In the Kemerovo region in 2007-2010 a distinct pattern for decrease of primary (48,8%), and repeated (16,1%) disability was observed. During the analyzed period, the largest proportion of new cases of disability were in the third age group, and among re-registered disabled people dominated the second age group. In the structure of disabled as a result of CVD throughout the analyzed period dominated people with Group II disability. Among the repeated disability in the period 2007-2009 also dominated people with Group II disabilities, and in 2010 redistribution in the structure of disability groups, and the largest share of people with disabilities began to make group III.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):26-29
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Features of primary disability due to the eye disease in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in 2007-2011

Tutukova K.R.


The paper analyzes the primary disability due to eye diseases in children surveyed in BMSE and recognized as disabled in 2007-2011.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):30-31
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Analysis of primary disability due to peripheral vascular disease in Leningrad Region 2006-2010

Spiridonova V.S., Sklyarenko R.T., Ryabokon' A.G., Dotduev S.K.


Russian Federation An analysis of primary disability level due to peripheral vascular disease in the different age groups of the Leningrad Region.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):31-33
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Analysis of the primary disability due to cancer of larynx and hypopharynx in republic of Bashkortostan in 2007-2012

Tomilov Y.S., Akhmerova I.F.


For 2007 to 2012. in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the proportion of new registered disabled due to malignant neoplasms of the larynx and hypopharynx an average of 1.14% for all registered disabled malignancy. Among newly registered disabled people of working age is dominated. Among initially recognized 73.4% II groups were persons with disabilities, due to the late detection of cancer and the presence of distant metastases.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):34-35
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Study of occupational disease and disability among workers of mining industry

Tsang N.V., Penina G.O., Abramova T.A.


The analysis of occupational morbidity and disability due to primary occupational diseases in miners from 2006 to 2010 has been performed using the method of continuous research. The features of the extent and structure of occupational diseases and the primary disability have been detected, the characteristic of the group have been determined.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):35-38
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The role of the drug supply in the effective management of diabetes in different health care systems

Mashchenko E.A., Malichenko V.S., Malichenko S.B., Yavisya A.M.


Diabetes mellitus (DM) - one of the major problems that threatens health and development of states in the 21st century, and spreads ahead of all non-communicable diseases, assuming the role of a rapidly spreading worldwide epidemic. DM is a socially significant diseases, leading to a decrease in quality of life, early disability and high mortality due to associated complications. At the state level, diabetes is associated with high economic costs not only in public health, but also with total loss associated with loss of productivity and economic growth. The analysis of health care models for patients with diabetes in high income countires, showed high costs and low efficiency (USA), the high cost and high efficiency (France), and low-cost and high efficiency (Japan).
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):38-44
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Educational schools for patients with sarcoidosis, as an important component of rehabilitation

Chernikov A.Y., Zemlyanskikh L.G.


In order to study the experience and effectiveness of the schools for patients with sarcoidosis in the city of Kursk two groups were allocated: 124 people, attending lectures of the school, and 52 patients, who refused to attend classes. The educational program included the following plan of occupation: 1) the doctor explained the mechanisms of sarcoidosis development, as well as possible causes and signs of recurrence of the disease; 2) the patient was explained the methods of treatment, the causes of non-medicine tactics; 3-4) conducted the training techniques of auto-suggestion, diet therapy, respiratory gymnastics, physical therapy. It is established, that conduction of training programs in the school of the patient with sarcoidosis reliably contributes to the improvement of general well-being, the fitness of the organism and the quality of life of the patient, reduction of anxiety and respiratory failure, a more rapid recovery of capacity for work. Increase of primary therapy efficiency and a reduction in the number of relapses in carrying out a training program is not installed.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):44-46
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Analysis of anthopometrical body indicators in men with different somatotypes of lumbar spine osteochondrosis

Terekhov A.N., Derevtsova S.N., Achkasov E.E., Shteynerdt S.V., Zaytseva O.I.


Anthopometrical examination of 150 men of mature age (22-60 years), having osteochondrosis of lumbar spine in the medical history was observed. Assortment is carried out by V. V. Bunak’s technique with modifications of Chtetsov et al. Overall dimensions of men - length and mass of a body, and also fatty, muscular and bone components were defined. It is revealed that the men of the mature age who have arrived on treatment in neurologic clinics of the city of Krasnoyarsk, were presented in the greatest percent of cases as muscular somatotype, had the greatest sizes of overall dimensions and component structure of a body.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):46-49
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Definition of labor installation of patients with schizophrenia

Darenskiy I.D., Erofeeva V.G.


Work setting of patients with schizophrenia is important in their rehabilitation. However, the actual installation on the career is often not fully determined by the severity of psychopathological phenomena and does not coincide with the actual labor employment. Self-assessment of patients and their direct evidence about the attitude towards work are not sufficiently objective. Objectified labor allows the installation of schizophrenia experimental psychological research using the technique of "unfinished sentences”.
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):49-52
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The role of psychological research in assessment of cognitive decline among the examined elderly patients

Dashina M.G., Karachentseva N.I., Timoshnikova N.N.


The article focuses on improving the efficiency and quality of health and social assessment of middle-aged and old people in the bureau of the mixed profile. The necessity of an experimental psychological diagnosis for a comprehensive, integrated examination of these patients and its influence on the clinical expert diagnosis and expert determination. Given the current definition of cognitive functions, and classification of cognitive impairment that is used in clinical neurology. Methods and techniques used by us for a psychological examination were indicated, the features of cognitive impairment in the elderly with cardiovascular and degenerative diseases of the brain in comparison with the «successful» aging were analyzed. Significant impairments were divided to make expert decisions during conduction of medical and social expertise (patients with lesions of the brain) and non-significant (reversible form, age-related decline).
Medical and Social Expert Evaluation and Rehabilitation. 2013;16(4):53-56
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